International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC card)

The International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) is available to fulltime teachers or professors. The ITIC card gives you access to many of the same benefits and discounts as the ISIC card.

ITIC validity :

ITIC card is valid for up to 16 months, starting on 1 September to 31 December of the following year.

What documents do you need to apply for the ITIC card?

The International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) is for full time teachers or professors.

To prove your full time teaching status:

1- you will need a letter on official school or university stationery. This must state that you are employed at a recognized school, college or university for at least 18 hours per week, for a minimum of 1 academic year.
2-Proof or your date of birth (for example: passport, birth certificate, Official Identity Card .
3-A recent passport sized photograph of yourself .