Benefit Providers

Become a Benefit Provider!

Offering a student benefit to ISIC/IYTC/ITIC cardholders

Increase your profile in the student community

Offering student discounts and benefits means you can begin to build brand loyalty with these important customers of the future.

ISIC benefits – and therefore your products – are promoted through different forms of marketing to students, targeting millions of students around the world through the ISIC website, national ISIC organisations, discount guides and more.

Build your brand image

Partnering with ISIC says a number of positive things about your company and product:

You take students seriously and care about their personal development.

You are associated with respected organizations which have endorsed ISIC, including UNESCO, the EU and national governments.

No financial investment required.

Partners pay nothing to ISIC to become affiliated, so with no financial risk, you have nothing to lose. All you need to do is offer a discount or benefit to ISIC cardholders. One solution, many markets.

ISIC partners reach multiple markets around the world in an efficient, cost-effective and coherent way. Here at ISIC, we do the negotiating and come up with the marketing solutions.

Guaranteed to target students. We can guarantee that only students access the benefits you offer ISIC cardholders. All ISIC cards have a unique serial number stored in our database, which means the ISIC Association can provide partners with online card validation.


Target the student market by becoming an ISIC partner

20140628_131850Thousands of businesses and brands around the world improve their marketing to students by offering special benefits to ISIC cardholders.

If you are a bank or university, you can become a co-brand and distribution partner and effectively engage with students with your brand represented right there on the ISIC card.


Examples of existing global partnerships

Microsoft’s partnership with ISIC means that they can guarantee their product gets into the right hands. DreamSpark is Microsoft’s educational programme which allows students to access Professional Developer and Designer tools free of charge. Because all ISIC cards have a unique serial number – ISIC can offer online validation of student status. Microsoft is reassured that their student offer is accessible to verified students only.

The hugely popular Hard Rock Cafe targets students by offering a special ISIC menu in their cafes world wide, at student-friendly prices.

In 2009, MasterCard will launch its new global student credit, debit and pre-paid cards in partnership with ISIC, enabling banks to improve their marketing to students.

Learn more about some of our existing partnerships here.