About ESTS

ESTS was founded in 1984 as a non-profit organization with following objectives:-

  1. To develop, facilitate and provide travel knowledge among Youth and Students inEgypt.
  2. To promote educational, cultural and social travel knowledge among Youth and Students inEgypt.
  3. To secure mutual understanding and cooperation with international Youth and Students’ Organizations.

ESTS is the only recognized member inEgyptof The International Student Travel Conference (ISTC), which has its secretariat in The Netherlands. UNESCO has a high level of working with ISTC under the ID cards’ benefits.

These are objectives were translated into the formation of two departments to achieve the above-mentioned objectives as follows:-

  • The Student Travel Services Department.
  • The Education Department.

ESTS offers the following services:-

  1. ESTS issues ISIC, IYTC, Teacher and Scholar cards for eligible Students and Youth and Teachers traveling in and out sideEgypt. The card entitles its bearers to the following services:-
    1. Up to 50% reductions in air fares.
    2. Up to 50% reductions in museums fares and other tourist sites.
    3. Information and other services that range between reductions in accommodation or restaurants prices.
    4. Emergency hotline contacts in case of emergency.
    5. Services for card holders extend to 95 different countries and more allover the world
  2. Provides a local discount list, e.g. transportation, accommodation, entertainment and shopping services all overEgyptfor card holders.
  3. Organizes exchange programs for Youth and Students in cooperation with various countries in the form of Au-pair / Internship / Exchange / Family stay.
  4. Arranges diverse international educational programs, summer schools, language schools, seminars, scientific gatherings, camps and educational tours.
  5. Provides travel information that gives tips to Youth and Students traveling inside or outsideEgypteither orally, or through booklets and pamphlets.